Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weigh-In Day Saturday

Happy Saturday!

Well I weighed in this morning.

My weight: 196.8.

I gained for the first time since August. I feel like I deserved so much more of a gain with how bad I felt my week was.

I also figured my time was coming after doing so well for so long...I just need to get back on track.

I went to bed pretty late last night and I am very, very tired today. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

I had an apple and a WW string cheese during the meeting. With a bottle of 25oz water.

After my weigh-in and meeting I found out my husband got  a doe!!! Woo Hoo! I am so happy for him! He didn't get one last yeara because it was just too warm and windy. I felt like he was getting discouraged and he enjoys hunting so I didn't want to see him down. Wishing him luck on getting a buck! :)
Caleb and I went to Bread Co/Panera with Bobbie. I had their breakfast power sandwich. It is a half sandwich made with whole grain bread, ham, cheese, and an egg. It is so good and filling! I also had a mocha latte made with skim milk and no whipped cream.

We headed home to meet my niece. She is due to have her baby boy around the 28th!!! I am so excited for her and her husband! She wanted to drop off her house key so when she does go into labor we can pick up her Collie to take care of while she is in the hospital.

We visited for a while and after she left I made a bean burrito with 2% cheese. I didn't finish it all. I also shared a slice of the HG Chocolate Cake that I made the other night with Caleb. We didn't finish it.

I also finished the fudge covered pretzels and the cracker jacks.

I tried to take a nap and so did Caleb...that did not happen. :/

We went to my nieces house to see the baby's room. So adorable and loved the colors of green & orange. It made me excited to think about a future little brother or sister for Caleb.

We visited for a while and left to grab some dinner. On the way home Caleb fell asleep so I put him to bed. Unfortunately it was 6:30pm and I knew he would wake up later and be up for a while...

I had 1 Jack In The Box taco and 3 Jalepeno poppers with ff ranch. Full. I also had a chocolate shake with no whipped cream to help with my sore throat. My sinuses and allergies sure took off like a rocket today...BTW...I have been sniffling, sneezing, and sinus pain/headache too.

My friend Becky stopped by to watch a movie with me. I feel so special that she has came by 2 weekends in a row. :) We were going to watch Now & Then..great movie! I couldn't find it any where. So we settled on Practical Magic. Another great movie!

I was getting super sleepy but I chatted for a while with my friend before she left. Right as I was waving good-bye to her, Caleb woke up...10pm. Poor guy looked as tired as I felt. I got him some milk and I heated up his dinner. Of course he didn't want it and sat on the floor and whined about nothing for 10 minutes. Sigh...I wanted to join him.

I think it is only because it was late and I needed to stay up for a little while with Caleb that I decided to eat a package of brown sugar pop tarts with milk.

This needs to stop!

I turned on 90210 to finish catching up on last season and started to read a few of your blogs.

So tomorrow being Sunday...After I catch up on sleep, I need to walk and plan out my meals for the week.

Pretend I am a new WW's member. :) Today wasn't so bad but I just need to start controling myself again. It will be better when I have a clear head and sleep tomorrow.

Have a good evening!

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