Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 2012 Catch-Up

Hello. I am sorry for the long delay in posting.
I have been really busy and struggling with many things.
I really just needed time to get myself back on track.
Here is some of what I have been up to for the last month...

The photos above are when we were getting ready for Thanksgiving. I weigh about 194 here. I feel really good and skinny. Excited to wear skinny jeans and boots over them. This was a first for me. I received many compliments that I looked really good and to keep it up.
My son looks so adorable in his outfit with the hat and tie. He of course didn't keep the tie on for very long so I am glad I got pictures of him before.
My hubby was tired of me complaining about how our house smelled.
~I was letting my neighbor's dogs out for a couple of days and every time I would come back into our house, I thought it smelled. It's not like our house is disgusting or anything. I clean. I am always vacuuming and shampooing the carpets. They never seem to stay clean and I can never seem to get rid of the musty smell.~
SO...he tells me "that's it we are getting new floors for Christmas"!!! He found a great deal at a local place on laminate floors. We put in our order then headed to Red Robin for lunch. The photo above is my hubby and son at lunch. They are too cute!
Caleb and I went shopping for Christmas decorations and gifts at Michael's. We were having a special day together since he was going to his Grandma and Grandpa's for the whole weekend. I took him out for donuts for breakfast before hand. This was a special treat that we don't do often.
He saw a "baby" tree, that's what he called it, and asked if he could have one in his room. So we picked one out and picked up some decorations for it. Luckily, they were all on sale. Score!
We found a few things that he could make for his grandma's too.
Our niece had her baby on November 30. His name is Andrew. Isn't he adorable!!! Caleb thought he was pretty neat too!

December 1 we headed out for "wine country" off of highway 94. We stopped at Sugar Creek Winery and had lunch at Augusta Brewing Co. We tried a few different types of beer. Interesting that I liked the Imperial Pumpkin Porter beer the best. The only dark beer I have ever liked is Amberbach, it's not that dark though.
We continued on our journey down highway 94 and stopped at Stone hill Winery in Hermann. LOVE Hermann! Tasted a few different wines and decided on what to buy. It was getting late so we thought we should head on to the Bed in Breakfast that we needed to check-in to.
We arrived at Loganberry Inn and I realized that I lost my driver's license. Once we were settled in our room and I picked out a few movies from their movie cabinet, we called the places we stopped at to see if they found my license.
Not too long after I received a call from Augusta Brewing Company. Someone turned it in to them. We would be stopping by there on the way home. :)
The Inn was very nice and so were the owners. We just felt out of our comfort zone being in someone else's house. We walked into town to get dinner and window shopped a little. It was disappointing that many of their shops were closed early on a Saturday night. The Soda Fountain I wanted to go to closed at 6...bummer! So we walked back to the Inn to watch some movies and enjoy the gift basket I received. It had delicious, gourmet brownies, 2 different types of cheese, crackers, strawberries, grapes, and a bottle of champagne. Yum!
When we headed up stairs for breakfast, we met the other couples that were staying at the Inn. The breakfast was very good! They served ham and cheese quiche and cinnamon apple french toast. I had never had anything like them. Very fancy and elegant. My very picky hubby even enjoyed them. We had orange juice with our breakfast too.
We had a very nice weekend away.

(The wall is actually blue. The lighting was yellow so it looks green.)

Our floors arrived! So we pulled up the carpet in our bedroom and got to work installing the new floor. Love the color and love it so far!

Here is a before and after of my son's room. We originally were keeping the bedrooms carpeted but changed our minds. Rugs are so much cheaper to replace in the end.
We have completed our bedroom, Caleb's room, and the hall up to the living room. We still need to do the office and living room (which is like 2 rooms). We also need to buy new trim. The trim we tore off was cheap so hubby wanted to buy better trim. I can't wait for it to be done!

My friends and I make gingerbread houses every year in December.Caleb actually participated this year and he had so much fun putting candy all over. :)

My little stinker has not been taking naps or going to bed on time lately. I started waking him up early in the morning hoping he would nap. When I put him in his room for nap time he just plays in there the whole time. Then he falls asleep around 5-6 at night. When we move him to take him to bed he wakes up and stays up past his bed time. So one morning before I woke him, I noticed he fell asleep with his lap top open and Mickey Mouse laying on the lap top. It looks as if they had a late night at the office. lol.

Caleb painted ornaments and figures last week. He had a lot of fun doing this. He also sat still long enough to get his hair cut shorter then usual. He looks so handsome!

We celebrated Christmas at our first house last night. He was making Mickey and Minnie Mouse kiss. The first picture shows him making the kissing sound and the second is the hilarious face that came with the kissing sound. We laughed so hard! He's such a character!

We celebrated Christmas at our second house today. My mom had my Uncle draw this photo for me. It is my 2 dogs and my son when he was about 16-18 months old. The main photos he used for the drawing are below. I took the picture with my phone so there is a glare from the glass frame but it is so cool!

Now that you are caught up on what I have been up to with my family I can tell you a little about my struggles.
I stopped tracking and planning.
I stopped working out.
I had lots of cravings and rough days.
I did try to start over new every week though. I would tell myself I would drink more water this week or track every thing I ate. I also managed to stop by mid-week or something. I haven't gone completely over board but I am not eating as much vegetables or fruit as I did when I first started weight watchers.
I am not sleeping well at night at all. I am very restless and wake up several times during the night. I just can't seem to get comfortable. I get too hot or too cold. I toss and turn and I am so tired but can't stay asleep.
I didn't want to go to my weight watcher's meeting this past Saturday because I thought for sure I had gained weight. With me not tracking, not eating very healthy and not working out I thought for sure it was going to be bad. By some miracle I lost .4 lbs. Which I am very happy about but I am not happy that I am out of routine. I am trying not to be too hard on myself with it being the holidays and all. I keep saying, "when Christmas is over you can get back on track". I sure hope so. That's the plan any way.
My weight this Saturday was 190lbs. I have lost over 50lbs since January 2011. I am very proud of my accomplishments but I feel like I am slipping back into old ways and habits. I also think I am being too hard on myself.
It is hard though! Very hard! I just want to eat and have no consequences sometimes. But that's not possible.
I am just busy and it is the holiday's. Things will be normal again in a few days. I am not so far gone that I get back on track. I need to just enjoy the holiday's and my new "body".
So I will work on my plan after Christmas and see if I can get myself on a routine.
I did buy a dress for my hubby's holiday work party in February. It's a size large and it was on sale for $33. I need to find shoes to go with it but it is so nice! I still can't believe I can wear large in pants and shirts. It so surreal!
I need to keep focused on fitting into the dress I ordered at the end of November. It's a European size 16 which measures a little smaller than my current size. I'm thinking of making up a visual that I can see every day to remind me of what I need to fit into.
Oh yea and I bought a size 12 pair of skinny jeans that fit but are just a tad snug. I could try to work towards fitting into those better too.
My boys are watching Cars (Caleb's first time watching) so I better get off here and join them.
Until next time...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!



  1. Awe girl it looks like you have been having fun!!! Your little man is so cute with that blonde hair!! I am glad you and hubby had a nice getaway! Sounds romantic! :) Merry Christmas, yay for new floors too!

  2. I am loving your new floors! Merry Christmas, Whitney!

  3. Thank you Lauren and Holly. I am so sorry I am late in getting back to you. We have been so busy! I hope you both had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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