Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year...2013

Hello Everyone,

Happy third day of the new year!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year's.

We were so busy for the last several weeks. We finally finished our floors. Aside from getting used to the foot prints and refraining from cleaning them every time I see them, I love the floors. The color is wonderful and I love that we do not have as much dust.

I started focusing on my weight loss again on New Year's Day. I told myself I had to walk at least 30 minutes each day. I also planned healthy dinners along with my breakfast, lunch, & snacks. I have been drinking more water too.

I actually ran for 10 minutes of my walk on New Year's Day. It wasn't planned but I felt good so I did it. I was proud of myself for that. Yesterday I walked. I was not feeling well. Caleb was sick on New Year's Eve and Day so I was hoping I didn't catch something. I decided to walk but walk slow and take my time.

With walking and eating healthier I am feeling a lot better. I told myself that I know I feel better and sleep better when I work out so why can't I just find 15-30 minutes to do this?

I shouldn't be too hard on myself though. It was the holidays and we were very busy so I can say that while I was not focusing on me, I did not stop thinking about how I needed to get back on track after the holidays. Maybe that helped me not go completely overboard in some way? hmmm...

Yesterday I made Hungry Girl's pulled Pork. You can find her recipe for 'Cue the Pulled Pork here. It turned out pretty good. The serving size was a lot too, 2/3 cup. I don't think I will use pork shoulder again though, unless my local meat market will cut a lean 3/4 lb for me, I'll just stick with the tenderloin.

I also made Weight Watcher's Oven Fries. You can find the recipe for that here. I didn't have baking potatoes so I just used the red potatoes I had with sea salt that I crushed with the back of a spoon. They turned out great!

I served steamed asparagus for myself and small salads for both of us. I made apple cobbler for dessert. I bought a pre-mixed cobbler, peeled & cored gala apples, and added 5 Tbsp of butter. I served vanilla ice cream with it. YUM!

For some reason I was hungry all day yesterday. I drank water. That didn't help. I ate a string cheese, that helped a little. After lunch it was the same story. I had a few roasted peanuts (shelled), that didn't help. I tried an apple, that helped a little. After dinner same story again, I was hungry. I don't know why I get like that? Crazy! I thought I managed it pretty well though.

I was reading some one's post on facebook today about how they discipline their kids and it got me to thinking about Caleb and how we are doing as parents. It sure is hard! I have no idea if what I am doing is right or wrong. I know my husband and I are doing the best we can. We only want what is best for Caleb and his future.

Caleb is getting closer to wearing "big boy" under wear all day without accidents. He likes to wear them. I let him pick out a pack at the store a few weeks ago. He liked Diego. I previously bought Jake and the Never land Pirates, which he likes but not as much as Diego. I have to ask him if he has to potty constantly.

He gets to playing and forgets then has an accident sometimes. This usually occurs 10 minutes after I have asked him if he had to go, then I am cleaning or doing laundry. Sigh...Lol. He is doing really well though, I am proud of him. Now if I can just get him to eat like he did as a baby. He is so picky. Sometimes he won't even eat fruit.

His diet consists of Milk, some Roaring Waters or juice (not often), fruit, carrots, crackers of many varieties (I buy whole grain where I can), french fries both white potato and sweet potato, chips, gold fish, yogurt, applesauce, fruit snacks, raisins, pizza (on occasion), bread (on occasion), tacos (JIB or frozen mini beef tacos...terrible I know), vanilla wafers, pretzels, multi-grain cheerios, waffles...

It isn't horrible but it isn't great either. I give him a little of what we are eating. He always pushes it away. We both ask him if he wants a bite of what we have, he never does. I figure I will just keep putting it out there for him and maybe one day he will eat it? On the very rare occasion he has eaten a PB&J, grilled cheese, cheerios with milk, soup, chili, and deer tenderloin. I hope he grows out of this soon. His doctor isn't too worried since Caleb drinks so much milk and does eat fruit.

He is getting to a tough phase. He wants to argue about everything. It's a fight to get dressed for the day and for bed time. It's a fight to take a bath and get out. It's a fight to take a nap or go to bed, mostly the naps. If I say something is blue or orange then he argues that it isn't. Lol. He is very strong minded and stubborn. He is also very particular about how things are supposed to be or where they go.

He acts so much older than 2 1/2 that I often forget he is 2 1/2. I try to be consistent and keep a routine so he doesn't have any surprises and he knows what to expect. I also do what I say I am going to do. Sometimes he still pushes buttons and tests me.

There are days where it is just too much and I have no idea what to do, what is right? But no matter what, I always tell him I love him. I explain why he was disciplined for what he did. I always hug him. I tell him I am proud of him. I remind him that when he helps pick up his toys it helps me out a lot. I feel these things are important for him to hear every day.

I watch a few kids before and after school. I also watch some for a few days throughout the week. Caleb does not get a long with one of the younger boys. Caleb goes out of his way to push him or tell him that he cannot play with something. Caleb does not want to share with this little boy at all.

I put him in time out, spank him, or talk to him depending on how bad his action was. I talk to him about it no matter what and then have him tell the person he is sorry (if he hit someone or something like that).

I believe in teaching him what is right and wrong now so when he is older he will have an easier time. While some may think he is too young to understand, he is not. He is very smart and while some things may not make sense to him, he does understand others. It depends on each child how they should be disciplined, in my opinion. The more I am consistent with consequences to his actions the more he will learn what he should and shouldn't do.

I am no expert and I probably do a lot of things wrong. But I do know that I love my son and I want to see him grow up to be a respectable young man. I want him to feel like he can come to me for anything and talk to me about anything. I want him to be successful and responsible.

I have received many compliments on how well my husband and I are raising him. He is very well behaved in public and at other people's homes. Caleb has been such a great kid and we just adore him. He plays well with other kids (just not this one little boy) and really enjoys learning. He will be going to pre-school soon and I know he will do great!

Sometimes how you raise your child can cause quite a conflict among others. I don't know if I seem too strict or not strict enough. I will keep learning as I go. :)

What would you do if your child got along with other kids fine but one child he did not get along with?

How would you get your kids to eat different foods?

Well that is my thoughts for now. I'd love positive feedback. :)

Have a great day! The sun is shining here in MO even though there is snow on the ground and it is cold.

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