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Fall is Here...Busy, Busy Days

Weigh-In Day: Saturday September 22, 2012

Good morning readers. Are any of you trying to lose weight? Have you ever been where I am now? If you have lost weight would you like to share your story with me? I'd love to hear tips and advice from you all.

This morning I stepped on my scale and saw 209.4 for the 4th time this week. I felt good about that number. Went to my WW meeting and stepped on their scale...208.4! WHOA! I even said out loud, "Oh My Gosh!". The lady said, is that a good or a bad Oh My Gosh? LOL I said good.

So that's 4.8lbs lost this week. My total weight loss since Aug 4, 2012 (7 weeks): 20.8lbs.

I was very happy and emotional about this number!

1. I never thought I would get out of the 220's that fast.
2. I have been working my ass off. (pardon my french) but I have.
3. I have been getting in workouts and eating right despite the fact that I have been sick.
4. I am so proud of myself!
5. When my WW Leader called my name to celebrate my loss she said, "Whitney, you are on my list again this week. When did you start WW?" I told her 8/4 and that my doctor had prescribed me an appetite suppressant. She also wanted me to start WW again to get myself going on how to eat and exercise so that when I am off of the medicine, I will still lose weight. She said, "Okay, I was getting worried about you." She went on to say how important it is to eat right and exercise, I think. I wasn't really listening because I felt like she was singling me out. I even said aloud that I was worried to come in to weigh-in because if I lost too fast then I may be kicked out. Not really but I felt that way. Then she just moved on to the next person. Usually she says "give her another hand." It may sound silly but that really bothered me. I felt like I was being publicly chastised for losing weight.


This is what I know:

Yes I am taking an appetite suppressant.
Yes I thought the medicine was working magic and that is how I was losing weight so fast.
Yes I am working my butt off making good changes for myself.
Yes I am focused on my goals.
Yes there are days I don't sit down except to eat.
No I am not sitting around all day just letting the medicine work its "magic".

If my doctor is watching me, which by the way my follow up with her is next Wednesday, I am fine. I trust her judgement. I believe she will most likely take me off the appetite suppressant because I have lost a lot of weight fast.

My fear is that with my belief that the medicine has been doing about half the weight loss for me, I will not be able to continue losing weight when I am off of it.

A year ago if I had gotten sick while trying to lose weight and felt like crap. I wouldn't have kept on going like I have been. I would have laid around the house, moping until I felt better.

My mind is clear and focused. I am determined to change myself. I will reach my goal.

This is how I feel:

You can say what you want in front of fellow WW members. I will continue to come every Saturday, on the medicine or off of it. I will prove that I am serious. So what if I took medicine to help me along the way. If it is helping me change my life then that's awesome. It is nothing to make me feel bad about.

Even though I am on an appetite suppressant, I still feel hungry at times. I do not starve myself. I eat when I am hungry and I don't eat when I am not. Simple.

I choose healthy foods before I eat anything bad and I drink tons of water.

I make a point to work out a few times a week even though I haven't been feeling well these past few weeks.

I am aware of what I am eating. I track everything I eat or drink. I check off my good health guidelines each day too.

I am putting forth a lot of effort to lose this weight. I know that I will have to keep this up and work even harder once I am not taking the medicine. That's fine because I know I have earned the weight loss rewards.

My husband said it right. The medicine only helps you lose 5-10 pounds in a few months (the doctor said the same thing). The rest is all you. He said he has never seen me so determined and clear about what I want. He is very proud of me.

I have worked hard to keep the house clean and tidy. This week I had to shampoo the carpets again. I cleaned down stairs very well, took me about 7 hours to do it. I keep myself busy and I work hard.

I feel GREAT!

Has anyone had this happen to them? How did you handle it?

My Rewards:

5lb - Bought a new pair of shoes. They are now too big on me.
10lb & 5% - Bought a new purse, wallet, sunglasses & case, and 2 pairs of earrings.
15lb - Bought a nice exercise mat.
20lb - TBD. Although I may buy some moisture wicking socks.


My Goals this Week:

Start doing a workout DVD. Using my new mat. :)
Focus on my meal planning. I have been lacking since I have not felt well.
Walk at least 3 days. Use my 3lb weights for my arms when walking.
Run/jog 1 day.

I told myself that when I reach my 10% weight loss, which is 22lbs. I will start the C25K program. I am nervouse and excited about it.

I will be under 200lbs by my 30th birthday!

Quote of the day:

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. - Benjamin Franklin

My weight 9/22/12: 208.4 (4.8)lbs this week
The capri's I am wearing were a little tight in the waist about a moth ago. They feel comfortable now.
The shirt is an XL that was a tad big but not bad.

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