Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday and October

Hello readers. I hope you had a great day today. Say "hi" sometime. I'd love to hear from you.


...Drum roll...
Acute Bronchitis & Sinusitis...So I am now taking antibiotics, using an inhaler, using a nasal spray (I think it's a steroid), taking OTC decongestant cough meds, and using a humidifier at night.
Now that I am...hopefully...on my way to feeling better I can concentrate on other things.

Has anyone else caught a bug that they can't get rid of or that is just plain keeping you from feeling like yourself?


I contacted someone looking for a sitter last week. She wanted to meet me on Monday. So we decided it would be a good investment for my babysitting to have nice floors (instead of the cold concrete with rugs on top) downstairs.
My oh-so-very-talented and wonderful husband spent the weekend laying the new floors for me. It looks so much brighter down there...and much nicer too! Now we still have to add base boards, transition pieces, some more lighting, and a ceiling but all-in-all it looks so much better now that it is done. Do you have a talented spouse or significant other?
Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be watching a 2 year old little boy for a few hours. I am so excited for Caleb to have a friend to play with a few times a week. I plan on doing some color, number, shape, and sight word activities with them and of course they will play. Do you or did you stay home? Do you or did you take your kids to an in-home day care?
I am going to have to adjust my schedule so that I can plan workouts for each day (once I am feeling better...of course) around when I have kids all day. Currently I workout either in the morning while Caleb watches his shows and plays or during his naps. What is your schedule like? How do you fit in work outs every day?
Meanwhile, I have been planning a surprise baby shower for our niece who is due at the end of November. Two of my sister-in-laws are helping me plan it. I think it will turn out great once the day arrives. Have you ever planned a baby shower?
I decided to make a diaper cake because they are so cute and I liked the one I had. I am doing it a little different so I am hoping it will turn out. I will post pictures if it turns out soon. If you have made a diaper cake before please share tips and advice.
Also, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. So we are going to try on dresses to order a week and a half...the day before the shower. ahhhh!
My dad invited us to his company picnic on the 14th so we will be doing that.
We will be going to the pumpkin patch with my "awesome neighbor friends" on the 20th then on the 27th we will head to Grant's Farm for our annual pre-Halloween fun night. Do you have great neighbor's or not-so-great neighbor's?

I love my neighbors! We will plan a night to carve our pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds. Then we will dress up and go to Grant's Farm for their fall evening activities. What are your favorite fall activities or what do you do with your family?

Halloween night we gather at our neighbor's house (like 5 households & friends gather at one) combine our candy, put out food, and hang out by the fire pit. It will change a little since majority have little ones that will go around the neighborhood. But it is still a great time! The best part is that my Birthday is the next day. :) How do you celebrate Halloween, if you celebrate it?

So basically from now through November it gets pretty, crazy busy around here. I need to keep my mind focused on my goal.

I took care of my yard work that had fallen behind since I fell ill. At one point I thought, I don't want to walk today, I'm tired. Yea, I was. I've been sick for over a month and have an infection so of course I was tired. I told myself to just walk and that is good for me right now. Have you ever felt too tired to do your workout? How did you push yourself to do it anyway?

So that is what I did while Caleb napped. Once I got going I decided, oh sure I can run. I was exhausted after 5 minutes. I did run at 3.8 instead of my normal 3.5 so that was part of it. So I walked a few minutes then ran again. I wasn't sure I would make it. It was very hard to keep going, but I did. My feet and ankles hurt. My back hurt. My knees hurt. I had stomach cramps too. I pushed through and I made it another 5 minutes. I felt good afterwards but it was hard during. I had to remind myself that I always feel better afterwards. Do you feel better after your workouts?

I hope as I get better that I feel better during my runs. Especially when I start the C25K program. Has anyone completed the C25K before?

It's storming like crazy tonight. We had quarter-sized hail earlier. I just hope my little red head, Aly, doesn't keep us up all night. She doesn't like storms. Is it storming where you live?

Quote of the Day:

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

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