Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday and Tuesday


Monday wasn't so bad. I felt a little better when I woke up and thought well I can get my run/walking in during Caleb's nap today, no problem.
Got Caleb in to big boy underwear when he woke up. He did very well. He had an accident because he couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough. Poor guy.
I was finishing up some laundry from yesterday and picking up around the house. Then checking in with him to see if he had to potty.
I haven't watched the final Teen Mom Check-In part 2, so I turned that on in the office.
I decided to do crunches and push-ups while I watched the show.
I felt like I did pretty good. I did 10 sets of push-ups, 5 times each and 40 crunches 5 times each. I switched back and forth between push-ups and sit ups.
My little buddy did them with me. It was so cute watching him try to do push-ups and sit ups like I did. LOVE HIM!!! He would yell 1...2...3...GO!!! He can push me to keep going any time. LOL.
So I was a little sweaty and felt pretty good after I was done. I logged them on WW's app and was bummed when I saw that you had to log these type of workouts by minutes. I barely did 5 minutes each, I didn't keep track of the time. So I just put 5 minutes for both and a big fat "0" points was given. OH Gee thanks! I am not going to worry too much about it though because I am sore today from it and I know I had to have done something whether I made "activity points or not". I'll take the soreness! :)
Back to Caleb... He still did great. I decided to start making a "Work-Out Playlist" so I did that. Checked on him. He was sitting on the floor, kind of. I asked if he was sure he didn't want to go potty. He got very mad at me. Then I figured he probably went. I was right. As soon as I lifted him up I smelled it. YUCK! So I took him to the bathroom and stripped him down.
UGH! Cleaning out poopy underwear is so gross! I know it is part of the process and all. He usually does really well but he has bad days here and there.
Any who...cleaned him up, Started more laundry to wash the dirty underwear. Laid him down for a nap. Then a friend of mine called. I talked to her for a bit then went to get ready to walk. While changing I started coughing and it wouldn't stop. GREAT! So I didn't walk yesterday. I thought I would feel better later in the evening but I didn't and I got caught up in my playlist.
I had the roast I made Sunday for dinner. It was so good! Oh yea, it wasn't done in time for dinner on Sunday night. We were so bummed! Darn potatoes were not done.
We watched the new season of Boardwalk Empire on HBO GO.
Discovered that my dogs had played "grab ass"...what I call it when they both attack & chase each other all through the house...on our bed last night because the few items of clothes I had out on the bed were messed up. Some of the clothes were even thrown from the bed, across the room, to the floor. SERIOUSLY?!?! Plus since it was muddy out they had left mud chunks all over the bed and all over the floor. AWESOME!
I do love my dogs, even if they drive me crazy sometimes! Wouldn't trade them for the world!

Here is a photo of my 2 Aussie's from today. Aly is red and Brandi is black.


My alarm went off and I actually stayed up for once. A little disoriented but awake, so I watched the news. Probably the worst thing for me to do because I always here or read something on the news that peeks my interest and then I never hear about it. Then I think I am crazy and seeing/hearing things. Oh well...
Jerry is running a little late this morning. He comes to tell me bye and heads for the door. Then I hear, "Oh shit!". I'm thinking, Oh no, now what?
I go in to the living room and he's in the kitchen wiping his shoe. He stepped on a dog terd. Fantastic! He tracked it all through the house. Luckily the terd itself landed in the kitchen but there was a nice trail of poo marks from my bed side out of our room, down the hallway, through the living room and into the kitchen.
That is exactly what I wanted to do today, shampoo carpets. Especially since I had just shampooed them about 2 weeks ago. I will do that after my walk/jog this morning.
So my dogs get what we call "clingers"'s when they go poop and forget to pinch off the last bit and come into the house. Then they realize something's not right with their butt so they take care of themselves, therefore leaving behind a nice turd on the floor. I can only assume that is what happened here this morning but I must have been from last night since Jerry tracked it all the way from our bedroom to the kitchen.
Now I am up so I get ready for my day. Take my medicine so I can eat in half an hour or so. Then wait for the kids. Meanwhile, the dogs wanted to go ouside so I let them out. Then Caleb woke up. He was in a cuddly mood so he sat on my lap while I completed my food tracking from yesterday. I love these cuddly times! He is so sweet!
The kids arrived and the dogs came in...then I noticed mud all over the carpets. At first I asked if the kids had stepped in mud but then realized it was Brandi, my black dog. GREAT! Good thing I already have to shampoo carpets later. I figured I'd let the mud dry and then vacuum before I shampooed.
Once the kids are on the bus to school, I take Caleb in to get big boy underwear on. Then we have breakfast. He did well except he had an accident as he was coming down the hall to tell me he need to go "pee pee". So I set him on the toilet. He ended up pooping on the toilet which is so great! I just know that everytime he has to go poop he pees a little. I am sure the feelings are confusing still and he parts are still developing and all. He will get it though. All in all I am very proud of him for being so young and going potty most of the time on the toilet.
We headed downstairs so I could get my walking/run in for the day. Caleb was excited to play with his toys downstairs.
Earlier this year we fixed up a play area for him and the kids I babysit. It's nice for me too because I watch TV or a movie while I walk/run if I want. I'll probably blog about my run on it's own.
When I was finished we headed up stairs so I could vacuum and shampoo the carpets. Caleb played in his room for the most part, while I did that. I had the apple tv on playing my playlist so our pictures pop up as our screen saver. He likes to sit and watch the pictures come up. It's cute!
After I finished shampooing, I showered and we had lunch.
I feel guilty that I have worked with Caleb on anything educational the past few weeks. I usually try to get in some reading and go over his shapes and colors in the mornings. But he likes to watch PBS in the mornings too which they have educational shows on so he is still learning something at least.
I will figure out a good routine.
Until next time. Have a great rest of your TUESDAY!

Do you have pets? Do you have children? How do you manage your time?

Quote of the Day:

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing.

8 weeks for your friends

and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.

Give it 12 weeks. Don't Quit.

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