Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Great Closet Clean Out

It's that time of year where I have to switch out my sons clothes and mine.
I got up this morning around 9. WHAT??? I haven't slept in past 7 in a very long time. Well I volunteered to get donuts for breakfast, besides I needed a few more groceries too. Caleb and I went to the store and came back to eat. I only had one donut, a cinnamon roll (around 8 points). I used to eat 2-3 donuts with a huge glass of milk. Not anymore. I do like donuts so I will have them every once in a while and only have one. I am proud of how I can control my eating now! I haven't had a donut in about a month so I figured it would be okay.
When breakfast was finished I started my Venison Roast in the crock pot. Logged the info on WW website to get the PPV. Then moved on to Caleb's room.
My poor little guy has short legs and no butt, so finding pants to fit him is tough. He has a variety of sizes from 12 month to 24 month. I managed to get him to try on a few pairs of jeans to see about the length. Some of them did not have the adjustable waist so they were a bit big. At least he has a few pairs that will work. :) Shirts are tough too because he has a long torso. I guesstimated on the shirts and figured I could just put away the ones that are too short as we go. He was not in the mood to try anymore clothes on after the jeans. He had more important 2 year old things to do I guess. lol.
I started some laundry. I had to wash the clothes from the tubs, they were clean when I put them in there but I feel they need another wash from being closed up for months. Plus, we always have laundry to be done.
My hubby even went through some of his clothes to donate or throw away. We have 2 huge trash bags to take to Good Will and 1 bag I want to see about taking to a resale store.
Now on to my closet. SIZES...SIZES...SIZES
It is truly amazing how I can wear size 16 and 18. I re-organized my closet with my nice shirts, workout t-shirts, nice t-shirts, long sleeve, and tank tops all together. It makes it much easier to find something to wear this way. I pulled out my shorts and jeans/pants. Started with what I know fit and laid them in a pile. Moved on to my closet. Now I have a pile of 16/18 that fit me well. A pile of 16/18 that fit but are a little baggy. A pile of 16/18 that fit a little tight and are uncomfortable. AND A pile of 14/16/18 that are still too tight. CRAZINESS! lol. I am going to keep the clothes that don't fit well in their piles so that down the road I can try them on again and notice a difference in how they fit or if they fit at all. The nice thing is I have a nice sized pile of jeans/pants/shorts that fit me well. I also have a nice sized pile of very cute skirts/skorts/capris/jeans/shorts/pajamas that will one day fit me. Something to look forward to.
I wonder if it will be my 20lb weight loss or 10% weight loss when I will see a difference in how these clothes will fit. Either way I am excited to keep going.
Now for this cough to pretty please go away so that I can feel like myself again. I would have been done with this if I wouldn't have had to take a break to cough for 5-10 minutes here and there. GRRRR!!!!
My roast smells amazing! The carrots and potatoes were added and dinner will be soon. YUM!

How many of you have gotten rid of your "big" clothes and worked hard to fit into the size you once were?

Goals this week:

Work out or walk M-F
Make healthy meals all week

I feel like poo but I still have a goal in mind and I need to keep up my routine. I will listen to my body and stop if I need to but I really need to get some exercise in. I gotta fit in my Cute Clothes! :)

Quote of the Day:

When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better.


  1. Omg, you were productive. You are making me want roast now :-) will be exciting to hear more about how you can start using your new wardrobe.

  2. LOL. Thanks! It was hard with me not feeling well. I am always busy or at least I try to stay busy. I am hoping to get into a smaller size but it is nice to know that I have things to wear. :)


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