Monday, October 1, 2012

Not giving up

Good morning,

How was your weekend? Mine was great! Got a lot accomplished and had lots of family time. We purchased my son's Halloween costume. I really hope it works out. I am waiting for it to come in the mail. If it does then I can start getting my costume together. We are hosting Halloween this year since my neighbors have a conflict that day. So I will be busy getting my house in order for that.

Weigh-In Day: Saturday September 29, 2012

My weight 207.8. I lost .6 more pounds last week. My total is 21.4! Last week was rough. I was upset about the whole issue last Saturday. The antibiotic I am taking was making me ill so I was either hungry or I felt sick. I felt out of control in a way.

I did, however, run twice last week which is great considering I wasn't feeling well.

My Focus:

I need to get back into routine this week since I am feeling a little better. I need to plan out my meals and make family dinners.

I need to walk every day and try to run at least twice this week.

I need to continue to drink lots of water.

What I am learning & making a habit:

I always need to track every bite or drink. (and I do)

I need to drink my water, at least a gallon a day.

I need to walk every day, at least 5 days a week.

I need to plan out my meals and continue to have good food available.

I need to practice portion control.

I need to measure everything.

I need to take it one day at a time.

I need to believe in myself.

Quotes of the Day:
You can feel sore tomorrow. Or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You Choose.

Small changes CAN make a BIG difference.

MOTIVATION is what gets your started. HABIT is what keeps your going.

Exercise to be fit, not skinny.
Eat to nourish your body.
And always... Ignore The Haters, Doubters, and Unhealthy Examples that were ONCE feeding you.
You are Worth more than you realize.

Friday September 28, 2012
I felt pretty. I felt skinny.
My shirt is an XL from JC Penney.
My Jeans are 16 stretch from Old Navy.
My jeans were baggy and falling off by the afternoon. I may need to try a 14.
I don't remember ever being a size 14. I feel like I went from a 10/12 straight to a 18/20/22. Did you ever feel that way? No? Okay well I did. While I know a size 14 isn't a small size it is the smallest I have worn in at least 9 years. That is a good feeling. I go on Saturday to try on bridesmaid dresses. I am hoping to be able to fit in a size 14 dress. I'd love to be a 10/12 by the wedding in May 2013.

What I am noticing:

My rings are still big on my finger. I may have to put my spacer on soon.
The bra I am wearing has always been a little big in the cup but now I have it on the smallest hook. If I have to go smaller I will not be able to wear it.
I am wearing size Lg Capri's from Old Navy. They are not tight and are comfy.
I am wearing a men's size Lg T-shirt. Some men's size small are big but some are small. This particular shirt was a little snug about 2 1/2 months ago when I bought it. It is now a little big and roomy but not baggy.
My feet seem to be smaller. I already know that my new shoes are too big but the Brooks I bought 2 years ago from Fleet Feet were fitting fine. Yesterday my foot slid all over in them while I walked.
My family have noticed my weight loss.
I am not in a lot of pain after my workouts/walks. I have the expected soreness which is good but no other aches or pains.
I have energy.
I choose healthy foods more now than I did before.
I feel good. I feel healthy.
I was able to sit in my In-Laws lawn chairs comfortably and there was room left when I sat. Such a good feeling. I don't have to be embarrassed now.
My bath robe wraps me much better than before.
I am noticing a difference in the mirror.
I am making positive changes. I am turning them into positive habits.

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