Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Lesson Learned

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Well I am disappointed.

I saw an email this morning from the person I met on Monday saying that they wont be bringing their little boy today. They said that they wanted him in a more routine type environment. They wanted him around more than one kid to get him socialized. But if something were to change then they would call me.

Well bummer!!! I was so excited to start today. :/

I had planned on working on a color a week and maybe 2 numbers a week. I have preschool books that I can copy so the kids can color and trace.

I will still do that for Caleb. We just did our normal routine this morning minus an extra kid. Do you or did you work with your toddler at home to prepare them for preschool? What kind of activities did you do?

We colored certain pictures one color each then traced with crayons. With my help, he wrote his name at the top of each paper.

We reviewed our shapes. Sometimes he gets them all and other times he acts like he has no idea. Silly boy. I know for sure that the Square is is challenge shape. We will continue to work on them and he will get it eventually.

We reviewed our colors. He has Green, Yellow, and Blue down great! But like with the shapes we will continue to work on his colors and he will get it.

We read a few of his Sight Word books. He really likes them. He repeats the words as I say them one at a time. It's so cool hearing him pronounce each word. Some are hard but with practice he will learn to pronounce them correct.

So the lesson I learned...

I should have had it set up down stairs for learning. I should have been ready to let the little boy interact with us for a lesson. I should have had the pictures on the table to be colored. I should have shown the parents what we will learn. I told them what we will learn but I guess they wanted to see it in action.

I am still new to this and by no means do I think I know what I am doing. I just know that Caleb needs to know certain things before kindergarten so I am working with him on the basics, what I know. I have books and stuff to help me but I have no structure or routine. I do my best and that is all I can do. I figure I am doing okay because Caleb sure is smart for his age.

Just yesterday while we were at Wal-mart, one of the workers there heard Caleb singing his ABC's. She asked him if that was him singing. He got shy, then his bossy side kicked in and he said, "Go over there". Telling her to go away basically. Well anyway she asked him how old he was. Again he told her to "Go over there". I told him to be nice and tell her that he is 2. She was very impressed. She said that her 3 year old sings her ABC's but just started learning them.
YEP...Proud Momma Moment! (Big cheesy grin) :)
How many of you have had that proud moment? Where were you and what happened?

SO I may not have a degree or structure or routine but I know my son is learning. I am pretty sure I could teach another child too. Moving on.

Has anyone had this happen to them? Any suggestions?

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