Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Back...Halloween, My 30th, & Under 200lbs...

Hello my fellow friends.
I am sorry for my long absense. I have been so busy and have not have a free moment to update my blog. I have lots of pictures and stories to share. Here goes...


Weigh-In Day: Saturday October 27, 2012

Weight: 199lbs.
Down a total of 30lbs. I was so excited! I received my 5lb sticker too.

Showing that I now have a "1" in front of my weight.
Later we went to Grants Farm for their fall activities. It was fun except the parts where Caleb through fits over not wanting to wear gloves and wanting to be held.
Caleb and our neighbor Jaylen
Jack the Pumpking King (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Caleb's 2nd Jack-O-Lantern

Caleb's 2nd Jack-O-Lantern back view

Caleb's 3rd Jack-O-Lantern
My Batgirl Costume

 Caleb's Batman Costume
Halloween 2012 at our House. Caleb and I after Trick-Or-Treating for the first time. He did great! He walked the loop (About 25 min walk up and down hills) for over half of it. I had to carry him up the dreaded hill. lol. I need to take a picture of the hill one day and show you all. The irony is that I just lost 30lbs and I carried Caleb up the hill...he weighs about 30lbs. LOL.
This is a house at the front of our subdivision. We went to the library for Trick-Or-Treating Story Time and on the way back I had to take a picture. The little girl on the swing is new this year. Love it!

Happy 30th Birthday to ME! I celebrated my birthday with no sleep from the night before and a trip to the Museum of Transportation, St. Louis. My birthday gift arrived from UPS on Halloween...I later realized what it was without meaning to because it was shipped in its box with Kindle Fire on the side. I didn't expect that at all! I got it out and charged it after the hubby got home and realized I knew what it was. My dear friend Bettina sent me a gift card. She has been following me a long with my weight loss journey. She wanted me to buy something for me. She is such a great friend. I was also surprised with a birthday cake from McArthur's Bakery (a great place here in St. Louis). I only had a few small pieces and let Caleb and Jerry finish the rest. I was proud of myself for being able to resist. :) I had the school aged kids I watch all day Thursday and Friday, so they went to the Museum with us. It was really neat. We rode a miniature train. I think the kids loved it...I know Caleb did! We could have done Creation Station but I didn't think that Caleb would want to leave after an hour. So maybe next time. We rode a trolley up the hill to the automobile museum. Lots of cool cars in there. Then walked up to the train yard and saw tons of trains. Some we were able to walk through. That was neat, seeing inside of them. They are huge! I never realized how big trains actually were.

I was so tired after this and I needed a nap. That didn't happen. :( We went to my in-laws for my birthday dinner. While I enjoy going to their house and their company, I wished I wasn't so tired. I felt sickly, that is how tired I was. Friday morning came too soon. Again I was tired. My mom came to visit me. YAY! I haven't seen her since September because she is taking classes and working 2 jobs. She made me peanut butter chewies. OMG! They are so good! Peanut butter, syrup, cornflakes and I'm sure a few other ingredients are in there. LOVE THEM! So bad for you though. I had to throw them out Sunday because they were getting yucky and I needed to not eat anymore.

I went through the bags of clothes that I put away after I tried them on back in September. First I tried on the clothes that were a little big. They were too big now. In to the goodwill pile they went. Second I tried on the bag of clothes labled fit but a little tight. They all fit. I got a few pairs of jeans out of that pile. The rest were summer clothes so I set them aside to put away for winter. Third I tried on the bag of clothes labeled too small. All but 4 pairs fit!!! Of course they are all summer but still exciting! The 4 pairs that didn't fit were zipped and buttoned but not quite comfortable yet. So I labeled everything with Friday's date and how they fit so I will know for summer.

Now I look in my closet and I have t-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeve t-shirts. I have nothing to wear. Literally lol. Time to shop!
My hubby went hunting on Friday and didn't have any luck. :( He went hunting Saturday afternoon and didn't have any luck. Send us some luck please. We need to get a deer this year. We didn't get one last year and our meat supply is running low. :) Thanks!

Weigh-In Day: Saturday November 3, 2012

My Weight: 196.0lbs

Another 3lbs gone. I can't believe it! I didn't work out this week really. I walked danced,and ran at Grants Farm. I cleaned like a crazy person for 3 days. I walked around for trick-or-treating and for the museum of transportation. I guess those all counted towards activity. :) I'll definitely take it! I know my days of losing 3lbs a week are coming close to the end the closer I get to my goal.

I finally treated myself to a spa day to get my toes and nails done. I was going to go shopping too but decided to wait until Sunday so my sister and step-mom Jane stopped by to see me for my birthday. Later Caleb had a sleepover with this buddy Trevor. I ordered Papa John's Pizza. I got the Garden Veggie on thin crust. It was good. The problem is I couldn't stop eating the darn candy from Halloween. My friend Becky stopped by with a bottle of blush wine from Crown Valley Winery. She shared that she will be a homeowner soon so we celebrated. I only had one glass of wine but still ate chocolate. And those darn peanut butter chewies. The boys enjoyed watching Scooby Doo and playing. They had a lot of fun. When they woke up they had donuts and played some more. I went shopping for clothes. I purchased a few bra's since I now need a smaller size and a running bra. I purchased a few new shirts, pajama's, and a few track pants. I'm excited to wear my new clothes.

I haven't been excited about shopping for myself in a while. I usually get hot in the store and that makes me not want to try on clothes. This was the first time I did not get hot. I didn't mind trying on clothes. When I tried on my size 14 jeans a few week ago, I was hot. But that could have been because I was chasing Caleb around trying to get pictures of him. lol.
I struggle with temptation...chocolate. I should just get rid of it but I feel guilty because it is my son's. He doesn't eat much but I feel if he wants it, it is there. I am worried about falling back into my old ways. I ate like a pig all weekend! When I came back from shopping I had left over pizza and more peanut butter chewies. I threw them away after that...ugh! I was miserable. Then about an hour and a half later Jerry wanted was about 4pm. I was not hungry. I asked him to wait  a while. When we did have dinner, we went to our favorite mexican restaurant and I ate very little. I was not hungry. I think I just keep having cravings and can't control myself. Hopefully this will pass.
This is very hard! It seems so easy to just slip back into my old ways. Especially with the colder days, longer nights. Depression lurks in the shadows for me. Reminding me of times when I succomed to it. I am fighting it. I do not want to be where I was. I need to keep going. Everyone has bad days, weeks, months...I just need to get through this.
Thank you for your support!
Until next time...
Have a great week!
Quote of the Day:

Julius Erving: If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end.

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