Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weigh-In Day and Before Photos

 Saturday October 20, 2012
Weight: 200.4 lbs (So Close!!!)
Shirt: Large Tank from ON
Capri's: Large from ON

Good Evening Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great week so far!

I had a rough week last week and I was surprised that I still lost 3lbs on Saturday. I am for sure going to make it to ONEderland this Saturday!!! I am so excited and happy!

I am confused yet again by WW though. When I signed up for the monthly pass I was told I could go to as many meetings as I wanted through out the week or something like that. So since I have been busy on Saturdays I went to a few Friday morning meetings and weighed in on Saturday morning. This Saturday I was told that I could go to any meeting but I had to weigh-in before the meeting. Geez! It's almost like I am being tested.

After I weighed-in I headed home to change for the pumpkin patch.

Shirt: XL Novelty Halloween from Wal-mart
Under Shirt: XL from Wal-mart
Jeans: Size 14 from ON
We took a hay ride. Caleb was not pleasant for most of the morning. So this is the best photo we got.

Here is a photo of one of the pumpkins carved into a Jack-O-Lantern on Saturday Evening.

This is my view of this gorgeous tree from my back window. I love the colors. Today the leaves are mostly gone from the top and it wont be much longer before the rest fall.
I had a bad weekend as far as food goes. I did okay on Saturday for lunch. CC's pizza...I had 1 slice of veggie pizza and a salad with a few bites of garlic bread and a brownie. Not very good. Made me feel like poo. Thinking we need to change the place we have lunch after the pumpkin patch for next year.
After a glorious nap I vacuumed out my new car. Then Caleb and I went to Target for a few things before we headed to the Pumpkin Carving Party we were invited to.
The food at the party was pulled pork on a roll, veggie platter, party potatoes or casserole, buffalo wild wing dip with chips, deer sausage with cheese and crackers, pasta salad, & brownies. I only had a little and I was not stuffed but all of the points still added up. It was all very good too.
On Sunday I did not have breakfast and met my dad for lunch at Bandana's. I had the turkey platter with french fries (which I did not eat they were for Caleb) and a side salad with the dressing on the side. I used the sweet n smoky bbq sauce and only had a few bites of the garlic bread. I did not stuff myself.
Dinner was Bread Company. But some how I still managed to go over for Sunday.
Monday I was just hungry all day. I was tired too. I had a pep talk with myself. I talked myself into walking despite how I had lack of motivation. I felt better but was still hungry and went over. NO MORE EXTRA WEEKLY POINTS LEFT and it's only Monday. Sigh!
So I made myself make today a better day. I worked on my laundry. Played with the kids. When the kids were napping, I headed downstairs to walk. I managed to jog for 17 minutes straight and for 5 laps. So I ran a mile today. AHHH! So happy for that. I pushed myself to keep going. Testing my limits. I had pains in my legs. They felt tired. I had aches in my side and I tried breathing in my nose and out my mouth to help. I had pain in my hips. I kept going. Telling myself that I can do this. I have done this before. I was so proud afterwards.
I feel much better about my weigh-in this weekend. I feel confident that I can at least lose .5 lbs after the rough start to the week. I feel like I renewed my belief in myself that I can do this.
It is so hard to keep going. Some days I just want to quit. I feel go about myself. I am starting to see who I am again. I like to see photos of myself again and my reflection in the mirror. I am noticing so many positive changes in my body. I feel great. So I feel like I can just stop and it will be okay. But I can't. If I do I will end up right back where I started and possibly weigh more. I found photos from last year around this time. I did not like myself in these photos and I still don't. I could pick myself apart in these photos. I am glad my husband took them though. For one, I was enjoying family time with my son. But also, now I can use these photos for motivation to keep me going and believing. To help me to never want to be that girl again.

I am sharing these with you. It is hard. I don't want others to see my like that. Even though that is how I was, walking around every day. Here goes...
This photo was actually from Easter 2011. I had been working out since January and had lost weight but gave up when the summer days got too hot. Then I just completely stopped. You can tell that by the way I look in the next photos.

Pumpkin Carving after we went to the pumpkin patch. Probably around 235 ish. The shirt I am wearing, now swamps me.

UGH! Why in the H3LL did I think that shirt looked good on me??

My face just looks full here...My son was not happy riding the ponies last year.


Yuck! But my son sure looks adorable!
Old Whitney                                                           New Whitney in progress
I can kind of see a difference in my before and during photos. I just know that I feel much better for sure. In the before photo: the jeans I had on are in a bag to go to good will now and the shirt is too big, so I probably need to do the same with that. HAHA Aly photo bombed both of these photos. LOL. Girl loves her picture taken.
I can't say enough how happy and proud of myself I am. In the past (before Aug 2012) I wouldn't have kept going if something upset or bothered me. Like all the stuff going on with WW. I would have stopped going because it was becoming a conflict. If something negative happened I always got upset and then had a pity party. I can proudly say that I am stronger now. I may get upset still but I kick myself in the butt and say get over it...move on...WORK But it is the truth and I am still going because I have found that strength within myself to push myself to keep going.
I make healthier choices. I stop and think before I take a bite or drink. I ask myself if I am really hungry. But if it's something I really want or like then I allow myself to have it. I watch my portions. I track everything even if it is frustrating to look up foods that I don't normally eat then can't find it so I have to wing it. OCD anyone. Everything has to be so-so and if it isn't then it makes me aggravated and I just want to say screw it! BUT I stick to it. I had an extra point or 2 to what I have found similar and move on.
I have started to see myself next year for my friends wedding...Skinny...Cute...Beautiful. I have started thinking about how my husband won't be able to keep his hands off of me, even more so than now. :D I even had a crazy thought about doing what another blogger I follow did and buy a bikini just to see how it would look on me. I have never liked bikini's on my body. Even when I had the body to wear one. Just felt too exposed. We will may be a behind closed doors kind of deal if I do.
I imagine nice legs and a nice butt. I imagine nice arms and no muffin top. I am hoping my belly firms up a little but I gained a lot of weight then got pregnant so I feel like there is no hope for my belly. Thank goodness for spanx! haha
I also imagine my wedding and engagement rings getting re-sized. I imagine I am able to wear my class ring and the ring my step-mom gave me for graduating high school.
I look forward to many things. I want to keep going. PRAY for this winter to go smoothly... pretty please! :)

Quote of the Day:

Work Hard Stay Humble
The only person you should try to be better than, is the person your were yesterday.
You're not as breakable as you think.
Just because today is a terrible day doesn't mean tomorrow won't be the best day of your life. You just gotta get there. 

Have a great rest of the week!


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