Saturday, October 13, 2012

25 lbs Gone!!! ... And some of my tips.

10/13/12 weight 203.4 lbs
Total loss 25.8 lbs
Earned my 25 lb award today
Tank top: Large
Capri's: Large
Good Afternoon!
I stepped on my scale this morning and was shocked at what I saw. I did lose weight. I was sure I gained or stayed the same this week. I worked out, yes. But the way I felt, the way I ate at times. It just felt like a bad week with no weight loss. So happy to see 203.4. I am so close to being under 200 pounds YES!
My breakfast: Panera Bread Power Sandwich. It's so good and filling.
My lunch: 1 1/2 c Ceasar Salad with 2 slices of Boar's Head Classic Chicken. And a Gala Apple.
My dinner: Homemade Vennison Chili simmering in my crock pot.I add 2% cheese and use whole wheat crackers. My house smells amazing!
I have drank tons of water today and walked for 2 hours for the baby mania sale.
It is muggy and warm here today. It's so strange since it has been chilly the past week. It has also been very windy, I expect that is due to the storm I heard we may get, or rain.
I didn't get much sleep last night. My son woke up around midnight with a low fever and fussy. After the tylenol kicked in he was in full force. Every few minutes he would turn around and kick one of us. He also kicked the covers off then put them back on. He decided to get out of our bed and bring toys in the room. Finally around 3am we told him he had to go to his room and play if he wasn't going to sleep. He wasn't happy about it but he went.
6:30am...My alarm goes off.
I rode with my neighbor friend to weigh-in, we grabbed breakfast and then headed to "Baby Mania". It is like a huge garage sale held in the parking lot of a local school. They have tons of baby stuff, maternity, older kids stuff, and furniture for cheap (if you look). Some people do price their stuff high.
I returned home to get ready to go grocery shopping. My husband and son were getting ready to go to the Circus. My hubby won tickets from work. They got to sit in the Company Suite. I think Caleb enjoyed himself as much as a 2-year old can. :) 

My goal this week is to plan my meals and exercise. So I made up my list and headed to the store.

I will be making my Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with some kind of potatoes and a veggie. Rosemary & garlic pork chop loin with a potato and veggie. Breakfast burritos with eggs, veggies, and cheese. I know we will have left over chilli a night or so. I am not sure on the other meals but I do have a few lean cuisine's. I am sure we will have mexican one night too.

I plan to start 30DS and walk this week too. I said I would start the C25K when I hit 10%...I'm nervous and I need to get my routine back before I can start that. I just need to do it. Maybe next week...

I am so proud of myself for kicking that feeling I had all week. I mentioned it in my last blog. I am not sure what was going on but I was getting nervous about the upcoming holidays and eating and not losing weight. I think I lost focus of what is important and I psyched myself out. I also starting alternating the days I took phenterine so that I can stop taking it once the prescription runs out. I guess that bothered me too. It made me insecure, like it wasn't me doing all the work to lose the weight with the help of an appetite suppressant. Amazing what we get stuck in our minds and have to change our ways of thinking in order to move forward.

In the past I wouldn't have been able to move forward. I would have just continued my downward path to my old ways. I know that this experience is teaching me how to change and make positive choices.

I am learning so much and my mind is clear for this upcoming week. I just need to stay focused on the goal.

My Tips:

Make small changes. Concentrate on one change at a time. Like drinking more water during the day by substituting other drinks for water. Or drink a glass of water before each meal.

Write down everything you eat and drink. I have learned from doing this. I used to eat so much food. Now I monitor what I am eating and it is really helping me. Yes it is time consuming but it has great benefits in the end. Also if you are having a bad week you can go back and look at the weeks that ou did great. You can see what you ate, drank, and if you exercised.

Don't think of exercise as a "chore". Find something you enjoy to do and you will find that you will want to do it. I love to bike ride but it is hard for me because a) I live in a very hilly subdivision and I don't think I am ready for hills b) I haven't pulled my son in the bike carriage yet so it makes me nervous on my own c) It gets dark now by the time my husband gets home from work so we aren't able to go until the weekend. With that said I am okay with the rides we take when we can. So I found I like to walk outside. I also enjoy walking on my treadmill with a movie on or a show I like to watch. I love to swim when the weather is appropriate. Also I have started parking farther away so I walk more. I play with my son outside. The idea is just to start moving.

Drink Water. I love water with ice in it and when it's very cold. I try to drink at least a gallon a day. I notice when I haven't had enough. I feel dehydrated, tired, and sluggish. I get headachhes sometimes too. I read that if you feel thirsty chances are you are already dehydrated so drink up every chance you get. Also, don't drink your calories (except for milk) if you can help it. If you do just be sure to add that in to your daily budget. Got a craving or feel hungry? Drink a glass of water, you may just be thirsty. Then go to bed to avoid late night snacking.

Be accountable. Get your friends and family involved with your weight loss journey. I feel accountable every Saturday when I weigh-in. I know that my weight goes in their system and it counts. I enjoy going to the meetings because everyone there is going through a smiliar journey as me. You can also start a blog and write everything in there.

Plan. Be sure to plan your meals ahead of time. When you know what you will be eating for each meail including snacks you are more likely to stay on track. This one is hard if you are busy but you have to make time. Bring fruit or nuts with you. When you grocery shop have healthy choices available for you to make.

Think Whole Grain. Switch from white breads, pastas, rice to whole grain varietys. This will help you get more fiber in your day. Find the ones that you like and taste good.

Fruits and Veggies. Have them with each meal and snack. I try to make this a habit. It helps you get your 5 in for the day. :)

Don't skip meals. If you don't eat often, 5-6 small meals a day, you will start to feel like you have less energy. You will feel tired. I am not a doctor but I know I have read somewhere that skipping meals can be harmful to your health (slow metabolism, drop blood sugar...).

Use a smaller plate. It tricks you into thinking you are eating a lot more than you are. This also helps with portion control.

Measure Everything. Have several measuring cups and spoons available so you can be sure you are having the accurate serving for each food.

Splurge a little. We are human. We want foods that are sweet. It's okay to have ice cream or cookies every once in a while. Just be sure to eat in moderation. If the serving size says 2 cookies then only eat 2 cookies. This will become easier with time. You will be able to control your eating and not want to go back for more.

Slim down your recipes. You can by Fat Free or Low Fat in almost everything. You just have to find what you like. I have found ideas from other bloggers and Pinterest. I buy 2% cheese because I like the way it taste and it melts well. I buy Skim Milk. I buy Reduced Fat, Low Sodium, and Fat Free especially in my canned goods. Use Lean meats. Bake or grill instead of frying. Use any substitution that will help make the recipe still taste good but have less calories.

One Pound at a time. Set small goals for yourself. Sure we all have that number we would love to see on the scale but if we don't get there fast enough then we get discouraged. Don't do that to yourself. Instead, say you want to lose 5lbs to start. When you do, reward yourself with something, not food. I have bought new running shoes, a purse, new work out outfit, smaller sized jeans, exercise mat, free weights, moisture wicking socks, etc. Then set another small goal. Before you know it you will have reached your ultimate goal and have enjoyed the journey along the way.

When I have salad or order salad I have the dressing on the side. I dip my fork into the dressing and then into the salad. This helps me have less dressing.

I eat egg whites when possible with bell peppers and onions. I top it with 2% cheese.

I eat vanilla greek yogurt (okios) with about 1/2-1 cup strawberries and 1/4 c Kashi Go-Lean Honey Almond Flax. It's like a sweet treat for me.

I take a multi-vitamin, biotin, b-complex, omega 3 fish oil, and Glucosamine, Chondroitin every day.

I eat Subway: 6" Turkey on Wheat with Provolone Cheese and Veggies. No dressing. I eat Bread Co (Panera Bread): Smoked Turkey on Country with Spicy Mustard and Chicken Noodle Soup with a French Baguette. Or Power Breakfast Sandwich with and apple. I eat Jimmy Johns Turkey Tom with no Mayo and I had Provolone Cheese. I eat Pennstation East Coast Subs: Small Turkey Dagwood with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and a few fries. I eat McDonald's McDouble and a small Fry or a kids meal. I eat Jack In The Box: 2 Tacos with Sauce, 1 egg roll with sweet and sour sauce. Or a Breakfast Jack. I eat at Tequila's Mexican Restaurant: Chips and Salsa (about 14 chips if that) and Chicken Fajitas. I ask for no sour cream. I don't eat the rice and beans. I only make 2 fajitas.

When I can't find a meal at a restaurant, I order a garden salad with low-fat or fat-free dressing on the side and ask for grilled chicken with it.

I may have forgotten a few of my tips. It is hard to keep my mind focused with my adorable 2-year old talking to me. :) So if you have any questions or would like to make suggestions for me please do so.

If you are struggling just know that you are not alone. Tomorrow is a new day. Start fresh. If I can do it you can too!

Have a great evening!

Quote of the day:

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

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