Thursday, October 18, 2012

Work Hard Stay Humble

Happy Thursday!
This week has been wonderful! Monday I ran for a full 15 minutes without stopping. I feel like it is getting easier to run longer. Especially if I focus on something different. The first 5 minutes felt great and he last 5 minutes were a little tough but I did it! I am running on my toes more than flat footed like I did when I started out. I don't know what the proper way to run is but I know I sure feel lighter when I do. After a brief cool down walk I decided, what the heck, I'll try running a little faster for a few minutes. I usually jog at a 3.5 so I bumped the speed to 4.0 and off I went. It was amazing! I was laughing at myself because I felt so light on my feet like a gazelle or a ballerina. You know how graceful they are and how they just glide through the air. I felt kind of like that. Is that weird? LOL. I finished 5 minutes of running at 4.2 speed. I bumped it up because I felt like I could go faster and I did. I was emotional afterwards but I didn't cry. It was more triumph and pride. I felt as if I could do just about anything if I put my mind to it. AWESOME!
After my run...I was happy. :)
Tuesday we purchased a new car since my car was almost 10 years old and pretty much on its death bed. So we traded my Cavalier for a Mazda 3. It's super cute and sporty. Love it!
On Wednesday it looked like it was going to rain and I had already decided I was walking outside so I went ahead and did it. I bundled up my son and put the leashes on my dogs and we set out. Everyone that sees us pass always says it looks like I have my hands full. I guess so, I have a jogging stroller and 2 dogs. LOL. My dogs are always crazy the first mile of our walks. They drag me and pull and smell everything. I remember a time when they were so well behaved on our walks. I think my hubby needs to walk them again, they listen to him and walk so much better.
I was feeling pretty good so I decided to jog down one street and up to another. We took a short break then once we hit another street we jogged again to the end of that street. When we got to the pond in the front of our subdivision I jogged again. I got almost to the end of the street and Aly stopped and I didn't realize it so she got jerked by the leash. I stopped and looked down and she was pooping. GREAT! She is the only one that does this to me. LOL. Brandi has never stopped to poop, only to pee. Then I got to carry a poop bag the rest of my walk. Fabulous! We went back to the pond where we fed the ducks bread that we brought with us. Caleb enjoyed feeding the ducks. He never took interest before so it was cool seeing him have fun with it. Of course the ducks wouldn't get very close with my two crazy dogs nearby but we were able to toss bread to them.
We headed back and I always start to dread the huge hill on my journey back home. I need to take a picture of it someday, well it would be more than one because I don't think I could get it all in one shot...yea it's that big. I've never timed myself walking up it so I am not sure how long it takes to get up it. I'd say maybe a little more than 5 minutes, maybe. So today I tried something different to help me get up the hill. I had jogged down so my energy was pretty low already so I decided just to take the hill slow. Usually I go fast hoping it will be over sooner and then I always feel like I'm going to die at the top. LOL. I paced myself very slow. Controled my breathing and did my best to stay at a slow pace. Towards the top I was looking down at the ground and before I knew it I was approaching the top of the street. Cool. I then just needed to make the turn up the next street to the top of the hill. Once at the top I was not winded and felt great! Oh and my iphone was playing 4 Non Blondes What's Up, "And so I wake in the morning And I step outside And I take a deep breath and I get real high And I scream from the top of my lungs What's going on?". I'll have to do that again!
I researched all yesterday to find places to go for my upcoming birthday. Aparently you are supposed to know what you want to do a year in advance if you want to find a very nice B&B. Oops! So I settled for the next best thing. I found a very nice B&B a few miles farther than where I wanted to go and it got great reviews. Plus the lady is a celebrity chef at our local Dierberg's. That means the food is going to be awesome. I booked it. I am so excited! We are going December 1 (a month after my birthday because of deer season). I figured we would hit a few wineries off 94 on the way. Maybe check out Daniel Boone's Homestead in Defiance? Then once we hit our destination and check-in we can explore the town. It is full of history and lots of walking can be done so I can get some exercise in before breakfast in the morning. hehe. This will be our first vacation since we had our son so we are super excited, even if it's just for one night. :D
I woke up this morning and the tops of my thighs are so sore. It is tough sitting down. I told my hubby, I wish it was my inner or outter thighs that felt sore then they could tone up faster...Oh well, I'll take whatever pain I can get. It just means I am doing something right to look and feel better later. Also, I did a check on my weight. I do this periodically throughout the week just to see if I need to add another exercise or watch what I am eating to keep me on track. My scale today said 200.6 lbs. OMG! I am so close to seeing a "1" in front of my weight, ONEderland!!! I am so proud of myself! I called my hubby to share my excitement with him. I will be under 200 by my 30th birthday! :)
Today we are going to the library in the county so Caleb can see his cousins. I find it silly that I can't check anything out since I am not a resident but whatev. At least we can join in on the activities and fun.
I plan to go to the Friday morning WW meeting again. We are going to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and I won't be able to make that meeting. I will go in early to weigh-in though. What are your plans for the weekend? Any fall activities or parties?
Wish my hubby luck! He is going hunting for the first time this season tomorrow and again Saturday-Sunday. Last year it was so windy and he didn't get one. We still have plenty of meat but if he doesn't get one this year we won't have much meat before next season.
So I have to be real...I am having a "lucky streak" I guess with my weight loss and it is not normal to lose weight this fast. The norm is at the most 2lbs a week. So yes I am enjoying the fast results and it has kept me going. I do fear in a month or so (the holidays) how my body is going to react. My doctor said I will plateau at some point. When I do I will be bummed but I'll have to remind myself to keep going because even if it isn't showing on the scale, I am still doing good for myself and my body. I have to keep that in mind so I don't lose sight of my goal. That will be when I will need to re-read my previous blogs and get support from my friends and family and readers.
I still have struggles here and there. I have days where I do not want to work out. I have to make myself workout. With winter approaching and colder weather to come, it is only going to get harder for me to want to workout. I am going to have to devise a plan to keep myself motivated to workout. I am not worried about food here at home but for the holidays I am worried. Maybe I can do that dollar in the jar for every workout I do or something so I can buy myself something cool? Any thoughts?
Above all I know I have learned to control my eating. I am still learning to stop when full if the food is good. I try not to let myself get to that point by not having that much food on my plate to tempt me but there are times when that is not possible. I always remind myself that I should not eat more because I am starting to feel full and I don't always listen to myself. So while I have come SO FAR I am still learning. That's why I like to blog. I can keep track of what I am learning and changing to refer to. I also can get tips from my readers and motivation. Thank you all for that.


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Work Hard Stay Humble

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